Borgund Hyttesenter is a great starting point for exploring the local area.

Kingroad over Filefjell

Kingroad over Filefjell is a collaboration between various public and private actors, which aims to facilitate for a 10 mil long, contiguous cultural walking route between Lærdalsøyri and Vang. Kongevegen over Filefjell also wish to offer a total experience where the hiker will enjoy experiences along the way, with all senses. Here you can get a walking tour of historic roads through magnificent scenery, plus good food and drink at selected accommodation providers. The slow journey!

Borgund Stave Church

In walking distance from Borgundveien Camping Centre is Borgundveien Stave Church. The church was built around 1180 and is very well preserved. She is the most distinctive feature of the Norwegian stave churches. In connection till Borgundveien Stave Church is a visitor center with exhibits, serving food and the possibility of guiding.

Old roads – Vindhella

Vindhellavegen is a treasure to go in the summer. It is part of the old Kongevegen between east and west was completed approx. 1748 and spent about 50 years to finish.

Other old roads: Sverrestien, Galdane, Kongevegen over Filefjell

Borlo Bygdetun

Borlo Bygdetun is a private collection of old houses and stuff. It is old and recent history compiled in a comprehensive exhibition. This is well worth a visit.

Margretestuen Fjellstuemuseum

The mountain museum on Maristova located along Kongevegen of Filefjell. The building is listed and built simultaneously with the opening of the Kongevegen over Filefjell.